RAREdancework is a dance collective and non-profit organization that creates conversations about the world we live in, relying upon physical movement to sustain a dialogue about how we understand human experiences collectively, individually and historically through performances, collaboration and educational programming. Based in New York City, the collective has presented work at Carnegie Hall, The Barnes Foundation, Dixon Place, The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Constellation-Chicago. Working with text, mixed media, live music and abstract narratives, RAREdancework creates a unique, textured performance experience.



RAREdancework collaborates with Ossia Musical Forum’s Red Riding Hood Quartet on a film entitled Prohairesis, set to Imogen Holst’s Phantasy Quartet. Inspired by Stoic philosopher Epictetus’ ideas surrounding the faculty of choice, the video will combine footage of four dancers located in the United States, Canada, Germany and Greece, along with the Chicago-based string quartet. The video will capture each country’s unique landscape, evoking notions of freedom, open pasture and unity. The film is slated to be released in the Summer of 2022.

We are honored to be the recipients of grants from both the Musicians Club of Women (MCW) and The Cliff Dwellers Foundation. The finished film will be distributed globally to educational institutions, museums, galleries, and short film festivals, as well as to the MCW and Cliff Dwellers members.




RAREdancework is a non-profit organization as defined under Section 501(c)(3), and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent as allowed by law. Your gift will be acknowledged. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



"The pure pleasure of the language, the dancing, and the music add up to 65 minutes of the most powerful theater I've ever witnessed."  -BROADWAY WORLD

"Passionate, difficult and engrossing, The Unwritten Law is a searing depiction of triumph over adversity."  -THEATER SCENE

Peter Yesley ©
Peter Yesley ©
Peter Yesley ©

Daily Constitution of an Invisible (Wo)man (2009)
Performed/Choreographed/Filmed by: Rebecca Arends
Text Written by Brian Kay with Rebecca Arends
Video/Sound Editing by  Shane Rutkowski


Colored Girl(s)
Choreographed & Performed by Rebecca Arends
UnderExposed (2015)
Dixon Place


Quicksand Confessions/Nella  (2015)

Performed/Filmed/Created by Rebecca Arends

Composed by Lili Boulanger (1914)
Choreography/Performance by Rebecca Arends, Carson Reiners & Aaron R. White
Music Performed by Red Riding Hood String Quartet
Produced by RAredancework & Ossia Musical Forum
Constellation Chicago (2016)
Et Aeterna Gaudia
Composed by Robert Arends (2007)
Choreography/Performance by Aaron R. White
Music Performed by Red Riding Hood String Quartet
Produced by RAredancework & Ossia Musical Forum
Constellation Chicago (2016)